Due to the elements of living in the East Texas area, you have to deal with the threat of tornadoes and hail storms. Whether it's gusting, pouring or hailing outside, your roof should keep your family safe. But if your roof gets damaged, you can depend on Morris Roofing and Construction for the storm damage repair services you need.

Our skilled roofing team will evaluate your roof to determine the extent of the damage. You'll appreciate how we make the process easy by working directly with your insurance company.

Call us immediately after you discover roof damage. We provide after-hours emergency storm and hail damage repair services.

Confused about your insurance claim?

The complicated claims process can make a bad experience even worse. You can get frustrated after being on the phone with your insurance company for hours. But you don't have to feel defeated-just call Morris Roofing and Construction right away.

Besides storm and hail damage repair services, we assist residents of Tyler, TX and the surrounding areas with their insurance claims. We'll help you figure out:

  • The extent of the damage. We offer free inspections on storm damage repair services.
  • Your insurance coverage. Whether you have a recoverable cash value or actual cash value policy, we'll explain what the coverage means for you.
  • What questions to ask your insurance adjuster. You'll be prepared when you speak with your insurance adjuster about the claim.

Insurance claims can be a pain. Call on our compassionate crew to guide you through the process.